Sunday, 19 November 2017

7 Ways to Stay Positive Even When You Don't Feel Like It!

1. Listen to Music
Any kind of music you like! Music is one the best ways to lift up our mood. First of all when we listen music we tend to focus on the music and not on all the negative things that are running in our head. Of course if you want to positive mood quicker try listen especially uplifting music. You can create your own list or check my previous post about music.

2. Start a journal
This doesn't need to be anything fancy just a plain journal where you write your thoughts. If you are a person who tend to have lot of stuff going on in their mind journaling is one the best ways to easy this clutter in our mind. Couple days ago I started writing Morning Pages. So far it has been good exercise to pour all your excess thinking on the paper and to free up some space in that cluttered mind. Check this short 3 min video from Youtuber Lavendaire where she tells how she writes Morning Pages.

3. Do you use Pinterest? 
If you use Pinterest you can create board just for photos which makes you feel happier, excited and positive. I'm sure that everytime you go through this board you will feel yourself smiling!

4. Read books 
which help you think more in a positive way. If you haven't read any self-help books I recommend "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwarts. This book is great for anyone who wants to change their thinking into a more positive one. Also The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a book which helps you to focus more on positive things because one the main messages in this book is that what you give you get. So when you give more positivity and think more positive thoughts the more you will get these back.

5. Watch Friends 
or any of your favorite tv-shows. I recommend Friends because there is no way that you can watch this show and not laugh. Every time you feel like you start to focus again too much on negative things Friends are always there to make you laugh and feel better. I had a quite a long break when I didn't watch any friends. When I started to watch this show again I noticed how I felt more cheerful. I feel excited to watch another Friends episode because they make me feel great!

6. Find Youtube channels
you like and which helps you to have more positive attitude and thoughts. I used to watch some youtubers from time to time. But lately I have started to watch them more frequently because I noticed the impact they had on my overall mood and attitude. I just get so much inspiration and motivation. In addition the videos make me feel excited about life and that is pretty awesome. Here is the list of my favorite channels at the moment:

7. Dare to Dream! 
Dreaming is something that usually makes us feel excited about life because we are imaging all the wonderful things which we could experience and have. If you haven't dreamed for a while I suggest you to create your dream list in your journal. You could create a dream list for the year 2018 because it is just a round the corner. You could also write this list on a paper you keep with you everywhere you go. Every time you feel your mood is low you can liftup yourself up by reading your dream list.

Which are your favorite tips on how to feel more positive?
Thursday, 2 November 2017

Stress Relief Music to listen at Work & Home

I've have noticed especially in the last two months how much music calms me down. It's really great because we can listen music almost anywhere. Especially if you work in a noisy open office, you can just put your headphones and listen calming music the entire work day if you want.

When I used to work in an office I listened different meditations and music. It really lifted up my mood and got my stress levels lower. So if it happens that you don't have any other stress reliefs at your fingertips definitely try music. Here is one really calming music + video is really beautiful!

When your mood is low and you need some uplifting music here is one of my favorite songs for that. Every time I play this song it just makes me cheerful immediately.

Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop The Feeling
No wonder this songs name is Happy! This is also one of my favorites!
What songs you like to listen when you need uplifting? I would love to know!
Sunday, 29 October 2017

How to feel more calm & less stressed at work?

1. Exercise! Even 10 minute walk can make wonders for your mood & body. It will cheer you up and you body will be more relaxed. So make sure to move your body at least 3 times a week. Try to exercise more when you are having stressful times at work. 

If you work near park or a place where there are some plants and trees, have a routine to go for a brisk walk on coffee breaks. This will calm you down and give you energy.

2. Essential oils can do wonders! They are completely natural way to ease stress and they will make you feel calm. You just have to find an essential oil which is best for you. Choose a scent you really love and keep it with you at the office. Try to find a roll-on bottle so it will be ease to use at work.

3. If you get really anxious and stressed you can always go to the bathroom to just be alone and calm down. Just close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Closing your eyes can be very calming because you will focus more on the moment.

4. If possible try meditation at work even just a 5 minutes is enough. If it is not possible to meditate anywhere else than in the bathroom that is completely fine. If you have a resting room at your workplace that is perfect! Use this room as much as possible because if you are anxious person highly sensitive you need some quiet and alone time.

5. Create list of all the things which calm you down. Write some calming memories. Read this list every time it gets little bit too stressful.

6. Do you have a friend at work who also is stressed easily? Share the best tips with each other and give support when ever other one needs it. It's always easier when there is somebody you can tell when you are feeling anxious

7. Keep inspiring photos and quotes on your desk or on your wall. Watch these photos every time you need that extra inspiration and motivation.

8. If you are working in an open office make sure you have good headphones which lowers the noise. Listen calming music and guided meditations when you are working. You can also listen inspiring videos if it is possible to work at the same time. 

9. Put a calming forest/nature as your desktop wallpaper. Nature/forests are a sure way to feel more calm and to lower stress level.

10. Keep your own box of calming tea at work

Sunday, 15 October 2017

How to get over depression?

Depression & Anxiety

Depression goes often hand in hand with anxiety. Depression can come from various things which happen in a person's life. In my case, I started to feel mildly depressed because of my high anxiety & stress levels continued for a little bit too long... The problem for me was that I waited long time until I realized that I have a mild depression. I was just thinking that "No way, I don't think I have depression...". One of the reasons was that I was ashamed of it. I was ashamed that I felt so bad although my life was really OK. I had all the things normally everyone has  e.g. family, job, friends. But the fact was that I was really struggling with anxiety and high amounts of stress on a daily basis. So actually the most important thing which one needs to really enjoy life was missing, and that was my health.

The sooner you realize you have issues with anxiety & stress the better

Although I knew & realized my issues with anxiety and stress, I still kinda tried to put these problems somewhere where I didn't have to deal with them. I was thinking that it is so much easier if I just ignore this problem and just fake that everything is okay. But the fact is that some point especially problems with anxiety can go so bad that you have no other choice than to deal with it. It is so easy to just fake that, yeah everything is okay, it really makes us feel better, but just a certain amount of time. This was a big mistake because of course the anxiety went worse. The best thing to do is to tackle on the anxiety issues, as soon as possible, because it comes so much more harder later to deal with it. For example when your body has gone through too long period of stress it kinda stops working as it used to. The longer the stressful period the longer it will take for your body & mind to start functioning normally again. Anxiety & stress can be so hard on your body.

When I finally realized that I'm dealing with depression

When I finally realized that I'm having a mild depression was one week before when I was travelling to New York -  Number. 1 dream for me since 10 years, so for a long time! - and I didn't feel excited even just a little bit. This was very weird because I'm a person who gets excited so easily. I felt so miserable even more, because one of my biggest dreams was finally coming true after waiting so long and I was not looking forward to it at all. One of the wonderful things about dreams is that they give us so much to look forward in life, they make us feel excited about life. At this time I decided to sent a message to my friend and explained the situation. My friend said directly that I really am having a mild depression. After seeing someone else stating this I felt quite free, because for many months I had been thinking what is wrong with me, since I felt so different compared one year before. When you finally realize and kinda accept that you have depression it is so much easier to get over it. The longer you fake that everything is okay the longer it will take for you to really enjoy life & feel normal again.

What is depression exactly? Depression in two sentences:

Depression is a state when your body is not producing the happy hormones as it used to. This is why depressed people feel sad & bad.

How to get over depression?

One of the most important things is that don't blame yourself for having a depression. It's not like you wished to have depression for yourself. It's not your fault. The fact is that your body & mind are not working as they used to work, and there is something that needs to be done to overcome it.

Tips on how to take care of yourself & overcome depression

1. Exercise - walking, dancing, hiking. Even though you wouldn't feel like it, you just have to do it , even 10 minute walk around your yard can make a difference. It is said that walking 3 times a week can start to lift up your mood already.
2. Supplements - especially Omega3
3. Music - even though you wouldn't feel like listening to music, it will help for sure.
4. Talk about your situation with your friends and family, also if it helps you it's good to go talk with professionals. Do what is the best for you.
5. If you feel like reading a book read this: Reasons to Stay Alive
6. How is your stomach going? In 2017 a research found out that depression might become, because the bacteria in the gut is not in balance. Stress is one of the factors which affects the issues in the stomach. So start drinking yogurt which has lactobacillus. I have started drinking natural yogurt almost on daily basis now. You should try it as well!
7. Drink green tea, it has many good things for your body like L-teanine which lowers stress levels
8. Try essential oils like Bergamot, Mandarin & Lavender

What are your tips on how to overcome depression?

Saturday, 14 October 2017


First blog post in my new & fresh Calm & Sparkle blog. This is quite exciting! The reason I started this blog is that for a quite some time now I have wanted to create a platform where I can really share things which inspire me and what I've learned in life so far regarding career, anxiety, mindset, wellness...

What is up with the blog name Calm & Sparkle? I think in today's world everybody and especially sensitive people need quite lot of calm things in their life so they have the possibility to sparkle & have more sparkles in their life.

Something about the blog writer...
Things which describes me: introvert, gets super easily excited, empathetic, loud but also shy, definitely hsp
What I love: Gilmore girls, Autumn, New York, Dream big, Books, Coffee, Jumpers & basically all things cozy!
Next Travel Destination: Vancouver

I hope you will find here things which inspires & motivates you take better care of yourself!